10 Senior Python Developer Interview Questions

Filip3 czerwca, 2022

All the variables in Python have reference to an Object. Therefore arguments in Python method are passed by Reference. Since some of the objects passed as reference are mutable, we can change those objects in a method.

The Coderbyte platform will help you in enhancing your skills. Python does not make use of access specifiers and also it does not provide a way to access an instance variable. Boolean is one of the built-in data types in Python, it mainly contains two values, which are true and false. Slicing is a procedure used to select a particular range of items from sequence types such as Strings, lists, and so on. PYTHONPATH is an environmental variable that is used when we import a module. Suppose at any time we import a module, PYTHONPATH is used to check the presence of the modules that are imported in different directories.

Q21.What are local variables and global variables in Python?

There are many online coding sites and platforms exclusively for practice purposes. According to my the Ideal way of learning is by picking up a problem statement and working on it to build your confidence levels. On the StackOverflow website, we can see 100 software developers posting their problems. Python alone can’t replace Java, whereas a group of programming languages can replace Java but JVM can’t be replaced. When an object of child class has the ability to acquire the properties of a parent class then it is called inheritance. It is mainly used to acquire runtime polymorphism and also it provides code reusability.

  • Next is to determine whether or not the candidate has the right attitude or soft skills to fit your company culture.
  • How you tackle this question displays your experience and expertise with the programming language.
  • This is where your project’s settings.py file comes in.
  • Using Multithreading to speed up the code is not the go-to option, even though Python comes with a multi-threading package.
  • This type of program necessitates a lot of scalability and readability, which Python gives.
  • You can use them both to generate a list of integers in any way you like.

Then it replaces that substring with the string provided. You could also use a convenient alternative to comment on several lines. All you have to do is press down the ctrl key, hold it, and click the left mouse key https://remotemode.net/become-a-python-developer/ in every area where you need a # symbol to appear, then write a # once. This will add a comment to the lines wherever you insert your cursor. The lower() function could be used to reduce a string to lowercase.

Q66. Explain Inheritance in Python with an example.

Pandas can deal with a large variety of files and are one of the most important tools to have a grip on. Python generates a set of instructions for a virtual machine from the source code. This intermediate format is known as “bytecode,” and it is created by compiling.py source code into .pyc, which is bytecode. This bytecode can then be interpreted by the standard CPython interpreter or PyPy’s JIT (Just in Time compiler).